Luxury Muses is first of all a story to tell, that of Antonella and Stefano, mother and son, a family united with a dream: the birth of a project in which to share the passion for creativity, beauty and values. But it’s also a story made of many other stories, of people working “backstage”, of craftsmanship combined with entrepreneurship, of accurate gestures, of love for one’s work, of originality, invention and a great heart.

This is how the idea of creating exclusive, unique, artisal, made in Italy jewels came about.

A craftsman’s activity bases on human skills that no machine can achieve: good hands, ingenuity, aesthetic taste and creativity. We decided to base our business on an important quality: the ability to take the natural beauty of materials and innovate it, adapting them to present time while transferring great ancient values like sophistication and care of the details to the finished product. That is the entrepreneurial path we have chosen. We started our “custom made” project of excellence by matching past and future.
Our creations’ craftsmanship is the distinguishing feature of all our collections. Each jewel is one-of-a-kind, since we deeply believe in the fact that the uniqueness of each and every jewel marks the uniqueness of the purchaser.

Our exclusive products and unique services are dedicated to a feminine world, to women elegance and style. We are starting with jewels but novelties will come soon… All Luxury Muses collections are handmade in Italy and can be found in our online shop. Luxury Muses also supplies customized products upon customer request.