Debut on Luxury Muses a space-news dedicated to women, who will talk about beautiful and curious things, serious and light. We will try to address them with a smile and a touch of lightness. Because as Italo Calvino said, “to take life lightly, is not superficiality, but to glide on things from above, without having boulders on the heart”.

Nicoletta Civardi
Professional journalist since 1983,
I explored all the female sectors of newspapers, from fashion to furniture, from food to lifestyle.
For twenty years I have been working on beauty for IO donna, the Corriere della Sera magazine.
In our space-news I will tell you the secrets and tricks to stay beautiful and fit,
the aesthetic innovations and all the news of the beauty world.
Passionate about art since the time of the Brera Academy, I paint and adore gardening.